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13+Years Experience Delivering Business Results with Content Marketing

Our Founder

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Integrated Content and Digital Marketing (ICAD Marketing) is a content marketing agency founded by Winston A. Henderson in 2020 for companies looking to bring strategy and structure to their content marketing programs. He has 15 years of overall marketing experience and 12 years in sales within the B2B, B2C and D2C space.

In 2010 he started his sales journey as a SDR then promoted to Marketing and Sales Manager at CoreTalk Caribbean, a B2B tech startup, where he first discovered how content marketing can be leveraged to drive business outcomes for companies.

Along with Marketing and Sales, his experience in Product and Client Management gives a unique perspective of the role content plays to not only deliver marketing value, but business and customer value that identifies, acquires and retains your best clients and customers.

This is why work with us

Whether you're a Startup Founder/Business Owner doing $100K ARR or the Marketing leader of a $10M ARR company we tailor our approach based on your company's content maturity.

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Customized Content Strategy

We are not restricted to a single channel or tactic and therefore can customize a strategy and plan that fits your specific business and audience. For some businesses SEO may be the best approach whereas for others primarily focusing on social is best. We tailor our approach to get the desired outcome.

Holistic Content Marketing

Most content marketing programs tend to only focus on top-of-funnel metrics such as website traffic. We take a holistic approach to content marketing that looks at how content can be leveraged across the entire funnel and customer journey to move buyers from being unaware of your brand to becoming customers and advocates for your brand.

Data-focused Approach

A significant aspect of how we work is using data to guide execution. Through a rigorous research process that includes customer interviews, competitive and situational analysis we determine what is the best course of action to align all revenue functions to create a content marketing program that delivers customer value and business impact.

Predictable Process for Predictable Results

We take the guesswork out of getting results. Throughout the years we have built and refined frameworks, workflows and processes that creates repeatable systems for delivering predictable results. So nothing is left to chance what needs to happen and how we should execute to deliver for your company

We'll work best if...

Require a Content Marketing Lead

You have a small internal marketing team that requires a specialist in content strategy to lead execution to elevate brand, and to create and convert demand

Align All Functions to Content Operations

You need help implementing the proper content infrastructure that aligns with all revenue functions to deliver on your marketing, revenue and wider business goals

Leverage Content in Sales Process

You have a sales team doing outbound and looking to improve their effectiveness to generate high quality leads and closing more deals using content

Operationalize Your Content Marketing

You're already creating content but struggling to systemize and scale your efforts, moving from operating in silos to executing Holistic Content Marketing

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