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Build Trust with Consumers at Scale with Content Marketing

Consumers no longer believe Financial Institutions act in their best interest to help meet their financial needs.

  ICAD Marketing partners with Financial Institutions to restore trust, confidence and credibility with consumers, while differentiating their brand from competitors.

"Given the crucial role content marketing plays in helping us achieve both our brand and lead generation objectives, it was helpful in identifying some of the gaps in our existing content marketing strategy and approach.

We appreciated Winston’s strategic framework for executing content marketing, which broke down content to speak to different target audiences, and also spoke to the importance of categorizing our content in a way that aligns with revenue targets." -
Kerry-Ann Stimpson — CMO, JMMB Group

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The Problem

Here's the unfortunate reality for many Financial Institutions...

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Consumers no longer trust Financial Institutions to have their best interest at heart

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Consumers no longer believe Financial Institutions are differentiated in what they offer


Consumers no longer think Financial Institutions meet their specific needs or expectations

Furthermore, internal stakeholders, including Sales and the C-Suite, no longer believe marketing contributes any tangible value to the organization.

Our Solution

We help you rebuild and restore trust with consumers, plus tap into revenue opportunities, using content marketing. Consequently, increasing market share, driving revenue growth and restoring confidence with internal stakeholders by proving Marketing's value.


Content Marketing


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Consumers no longer trust financial institutions

Create a new brand narrative; use content to reinforce new narrative

Improved reputation, perception, and emotional connection with consumers

Problem-Capability-Outcome flow 2.png

No brand differentiation among financial institutions

Build brand authority around consumers' challenges using content

Positioned as the market leader, your brand stands out with added credibility

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Needs nor expectations met with relevant info

Segment audiences, understand specific needs, create personalized content

Better lead quality, better brand resonance and better returns from campaigns

Problem-Capability-Outcome flow 2.png

Internal stakeholders do not see marketing's value

Use content to create qualified sales opportunities, not just brand awareness

Leadership sees the value marketing delivers and Marketers feel valued

The video below explains our 5 Levels of Financial Branding Success framework  we implement to achieve all of the above.

Why Work With Us

Marketing leaders of Financial Institutions often express their frustration working with agencies that take a generic approach to content marketing, mirroring that of consumer product brands. The emphasis being more on brand awareness and aesthetics, yet fails to address the need for value-added content and messaging that drives purchasing decisions for more complex buying cycles and nuanced audiences as financial services.


Additionally, stating these agencies do well with tactical marketing execution, such as video production, graphic design or social media management, but lack the expertise to formulate cohesive content strategies aligned with broader marketing and business goals.

This is how we are different


A Focus on the Bottom Line

While most agencies focus on brand awareness, we focus on aligning content to influence purchasing decisions across the entire funnel and customer journey

Data-focused Approach

Data guides our strategy, not the latest hype. Our focus is building a content engine that delivers customer value, business impact and return for spend

Predictable Process for Predictable Results

With 13+ years of experience we have built and refined our frameworks, workflows and a predictable process for delivering predictable results, so there's no guesswork


Build Trust and Credibility

Our goal is positioning our clients as trusted go-to experts to their audience through building credibility with content, not how much engagement they get

Customized Content Strategy

Our meticulous process to understanding our clients' needs, business and customers ensures we create a customized content strategy that works best for them

Practice What We Preach

What we do for clients is what has worked for our own agency to differentiate your brand, build your brand authority and trust to create new sales opportunities

What Are the Next Steps?

Next we schedule an introduction call for us to learn more about your needs, answer any questions you have and determine if we are the best fit to help you.

If you are ready to talk use the button below to book a call.

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