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Create new business growth at lower costs with your LinkedIn Authority Brand

We help busy Startup Founders and Business Owners leverage LinkedIn to generate and convert more quality sales opportunities by positioning them as go-to experts for what they offer
without the hassle of figuring it out themselves

Why Build Brand Authority on LinkedIn?

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Growth at lower marketing costs

Attract more inbound sales opportunities by being positioned as the market leader and expert to solve your customers' problems

Close sales deals faster by building credibility and trust with your prospects through your content and expertise


Amplify the reach and awareness of your company brand through media appearances and speaking engagements

Get through the door with decision makers before the first phone call by pre-empting interest for what you offer

Differentiate your company brand in your market and category through building your Thought Leadership and influence


Attract investors and top talent to help scale by sharing your journey, wins and the things that make your company special

LinkedIn has been one of the biggest unlocks that helped me as a Startup Founder - and many others - leverage the platform to be positioned as experts in our field, creating and capitalizing on numerous sales opportunities to grow our business and revenue.

There are many Startup Founders and Business Owners who want to tap into the LinkedIn opportunity.

The problem? They do not have the time or know-how to do so.

This is where we come in.

Through our LinkedIn Content Management Services, we build and manage your LinkedIn profile. Using content to strategically positioning you as the obvious and preferred choice for what you offer, helping you grow and scale your business.


We do the work so you won't have to.

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"I engaged Winston for marketing training because I got to know him, his thinking, mindset and capabilities through his content on LinkedIn. Over a period of time following him it was evident he knew what he was talking about and I saw the value he could bring to the table.
This factored heavily in the decision to bring him in to train our team how to be better at what we were already doing with content and add more value to the organization."

Kerry-Ann Stimpson — CMO, JMMB Group

Why Work With Us?

You're not getting a ghost writer, content creator or Influencer. What you're getting is over 16 years in the field of marketing executing for companies and delivering business outcomes using digital content.

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Customized Content Strategy

LinkedIn CMS is more than simply creating and posting content. We help you build out a full LinkedIn content strategy tailored to help you achieve your specific goals


Practice What We Preach

We do what has worked for our own Startup. We use the same frameworks and strategies to build your brand to attract new sales opportunities


Years of Career Experience

Our experience in content goes beyond posting on LinkedIn. With over 13 years of doing content marketing for companies you get both the experience and expertise

Predictable Process for Predictable Results

We take the guesswork out of getting results through repeatable systems for delivering predictable results. Nothing is left to chance how to execute and deliver

"Sounds good, but has LinkedIn worked for you?"

Since going all in 2020 every opportunity has been the result of creating and distributing content on LinkedIn to build our own Authority brand.


Every inbound lead, every business deal, every podcast and speaking appearance...

ALL LinkedIn. See examples below.

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What Does the Process Look Like?

1. Client Assessment (timeframe: 60-90 minutes)

  • Getting a better understanding of your goals, experience, expertise, etc. to learn how best to position you and your brand

  • Collaborative ideation of what success and a personalized strategy would be

  • Walkthrough of any existing content assets and identify what needs to be created

  • Agree on KPIs and how success will be measured

2. Research & Strategy Development (timeframe: 14 days)

  • Surveys to currently clients/customers (interviews in few cases) to gather feedback

  • Organizing insights to create a 90-day action plan and strategy (at the end of the first 90 days we adjust for a second 90-day execution)

  • Creating a documented strategy outlining specific details on approach for approval

3. Content Creation (timeframe: 14 days)

  • Based on package selected we create content for a 30-day calendar period, meeting once monthly for 2-3 hours max to plan and create content for the next 30-day calendar period

  • Once approval of content is given it will be scheduled to go out on agreed days

To increase the effectiveness and speed of results we recommend carving out a maximum of 15-30 minutes per day responding to comments and messages.

How Much Does it Cost?

There is one-time cost of $400 which covers developing the content strategy as well as optimizing your LinkedIn profile to align with the brand you want to create. This includes LinkedIn banner graphic and revamping the copy of your LinkedIn profile.


Account Management ($600)

  • Posting/Scheduling content

  • Adding 10 contacts per day to network

  • Intro message to contacts once connected

Content Creation

  • Cost per text with graphic post - $50

  • Cost per carousel (5 slides minimum) - $50/slide

  • Cost per video clip (creative: 3-5 minute clip) - $200

  • Cost per long-form content (30 minute webinar/podcast) - $500

All prices quoted in USD

What Are the Next Steps?

Next we schedule an introduction call for us to learn more about what you are looking for, answer any questions you have and see if LinkedIn CMS is the best fit to help you.

If you are ready to talk use the button below to book a call.

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