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Developed the Go-to-Market Content Strategy That Lead to Sales and Speaking Opportunities

The Client

TBX Digital is a consultation and management firm, based out of Canada, specializing in helping Fortune 1000 companies mobilize and execute their digital strategy roadmap and re-imagine growth.

The Situation

When we first engaged TBX Digital it was an idea in the works by CEO Tanvir Bhangoo, who had recently transitioned from full time employee as a VP of Technology, to being an entrepreneur. This meant no established messaging, positioning or identified ICP (ideal client profile). However, he knew the value prop he wanted to communicate which was executing using sports and performance principles he had learnt as a championship winning athlete.

The challenge he had was he knew the value of content marketing, but didn't know how to build the infrastructure to make it work for his vision, nor could he find anyone who had delivered results at his company's infancy stage.

On top of that budget was very limited, so he needed someone who knew how to be scrappy and still deliver results with the resources he had.

The wonderful thing about content marketing is that it doesn't require huge teams and a huge budget to make it work.

The Recommendation

We recommended that he start very small and very niche, testing several content and ideas focusing on three areas:

  1. Building his brand and establishing his credibility and authority in his space using thought leadership content

  2. Experimenting with different funnels, content and direct response tactics to drive inbound leads using Problem and Solution Awareness content

  3. Developing a LinkedIn content strategy as the main channel to execute number 1 and 2 above

The reason for this is with a limited budget you have to be laser focus on the prospect most likely to convert so as not to burn through your budget quickly.

The Execution

Step 1: Since he had no existing clients just yet we spent time interviewing senior executives he had pre-existing relationships with who fit the type of roles and demography within the organizations he wanted to go after.

Step 2: From those interviews we were able to identify key pain points, and also refine our ICP, positioning and messaging that we believed would connect with target clients. From those insights we also created five key content categories and content assets we needed to develop.

Step 3: Next we worked with his internal creative team (web developer, videographer, and graphic designer) to create several content assets including whitepapers, webinar series content, blog posts, and short-form video content for their social channels and map each piece of content to the assumed buyer's journey (since we had no existing clients to build from).

Step 4: We executed our organic LinkedIn content strategy first, using a video series format and text post to test different content pieces to see which resonated with our target audience.

Step 5: Once we had an idea of what content resonated we built out a full funnel campaign focused on LinkedIn paid ads to drive inbound leads to landing pages that represented each content category.

The Outcome

Through this process we were able to land his first client through to land his first client, which we leveraged to create more sales opportunities.

Also, over the proceeding months we had refined his content creation process and LinkedIn execution to where he was getting speaking engagements and corporate training opportunities to further build his brand and redefine his business model, leading to greater success. It's a model he still uses today to build his personal brand.

Listen to his post-client interview below.

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