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Repositioned as a Market Leader that Helped Close a $2Million+ Deal in Less Than 30 Days

The Client

Ingenuity Technologies is a regional IT service provider offering Software Engineering, Digital Transformation and Staff Augmentation Services (outsourcing). They have also developed their own SaaS tool, iForms, and their latest venture (The Hive) offers a platform for freelancers to find jobs and companies to hire the best talent globally.

The Situation

Ingenuity operated in a space where the total addressable market is small and competition is huge. Some of their biggest competitors have established names spanning decades and offer the same or similar services, so being able to break through and stand out from their competitors was always a challenge for them.

The Recommendation

To overcome this challenge, we recommended a content strategy that would focus on repositioning the company as a leader in Digital Transformation within its space. This also meant a change in their messaging and how their value prop was communicated.

The Execution

Step 1: We spent time doing customer research to understand their buyers, the market and competitor analysis so we could identify primary pain points and how we can differentiate Ingenuity from its competitors.

Step 2: Using insights gathered we created a three-part blog series focused on defining the category of Digital Transformation and why companies should be doing it, focusing on benefits to them.

We also created several video and audio assets from past speaking engagements and events to use as a Brand Activation strategy to build affinity and awareness among target audience. The goal was focused on educating and adding incredible amount of value to their audience, while building up Ingenuity's thought leadership.

Step 3: We rewrote copy for their website and social media channels that would accurately reflect their new positioning.

Also, consulting on how they should restructure the layout of their website to focus driving inbound leads from the increase in website traffic that was being generated.

Step 4: Next we distributed the content through channels such as organic social and email, using them to build engagement online as well as sales enablement assets with existing prospects.

The Outcome

As a result of our execution Ingenuity saw a significant increase in engagement on all social channels, and their audience began seeing them as a leader in the category of Digital Transformation, as well as differentiator in their space.

More importantly, they had a one of the largest retail brands in the market as a potential client they had been trying to close for almost a year with seemingly no progress. As a result of the blog series and new positioning that established their thought leadership, brand authority and trust, they were able to close that deal in less than 30 days after we began execution.

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