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More Inbound Leads, Increased Revenue and Investor Interests for a B2B Tech Startup

The Client

Ingenuity Technologies is a regional IT service provider offering Software Engineering, Digital Transformation and Staff Augmentation Services (outsourcing). They have also developed their own SaaS tool, iForms, and their latest venture (The Hive) offers a platform for freelancers to find jobs and companies to hire the best talent globally.

The Situation

After the initial work we did to revamp Ingenuity's positioning and messaging as a leader in Digital Transformation (click to read about it), we wanted to go deeper to be more strategic with our lead generation efforts based on insights we had gather from prospects and clients.

We identified that a major challenge clients had was how to execute Software Development projects to meet deadlines with the budget, resources and personnel available. This was perfectly in-line with one of Ingenuity's offerings so we decided to focus on tying our lead gen strategy to that specific service.

The Recommendation

We recommended a blog series focused on a specific pain point for a specific audience. This way we could speak directly to the challenges unique to this group, and therefore create a more a campaign that we believed would resonate with them.

The Execution

Step 1: The first thing we did was select a list of potential client accounts that we knew struggled with this challenge or could possible have this problem as they decided to scale the company.

Step 2: We wrote a blog post with the intention of creating awareness for the major problem we identified. Most of their clients weren't aware of why they had this challenge and so bringing awareness to it had to be the first step.

Step 3: Next emailed the blog to key accounts we were targeting with a call to action for these accounts to reach out if they had more questions. We also repurposed the blog into several different formats, distributing across their social channels and used it to drive awareness of the brand and traffic back to the blog.

Step 4: After a week we followed up with another link, this time with case studies of past projects our client had worked on with similar companies in similar verticals. We also repurposed it into PDF format in case they needed to download it to have on hand.

Step 5: Finally after a few days we had the sales team reach out to each account to gauge levels of interest and to arrange meetings with those who wanted to move to the next step in the sales process.

The Outcome

As a result of the execution we were able to generate several sales opportunities for Ingenuity, three of which converted into major contracts with two mid-market account and one enterprise account.

Also, because of the content strategy we had been executing on an ongoing basis it created a lot of buzz which attracted investors who were interested in discussing investment opportunities in Ingenuity.

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