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Build Your Authority to Create More Sales Opportunities

Helping Founders, Business Owners and Marketing Leaders establish their brand's authority with content, positioning them as trusted go-to experts for what they offer, which creates and converts more sales opportunities to clients and customers

How Building Brand Authority Creates More Sales Opportunities and Revenue Growth (video)

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"We decided to engage ICAD Marketing because we were looking for someone who understood business and strategy, and had delivered results before using content marketing.
What stood out to us was how detailed they were in their approach. They took the time to understand our business and the clients we wanted to go after, partnering with us to build our content operation as a team that cared about our business and its success."

Tanvir Bhangoo — Founder, TBX Digital


Most content and digital marketing efforts often fail to drive business impact.


Based on our research and discovery calls with Founders, Business Owners and Marketing Leaders the top three challenges they struggle with are


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little qualified leads.png
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stand out.png

But these are merely symptoms of a much bigger problem.


The real problem is Content Marketing is is often viewed as a 'nice-to-have', not as a strategic function that influences the entire buying process and delivers business impact.

This creates a situation where the focus is creating content to 'go viral' with huge impressions, but fails to deliver on business outcomes such as revenue.


Leverage content to position your brand as the best and obvious choice for your Best-Fit Buyers at every stage of their buyer's journey.


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Taking this approach for our clients marketing execution has led to the following results in a relatively short period of time.

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Results for B2B Tech Company.png
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Our Services

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Content Marketing
Digital Management

We do the work to build your content engine to fuel revenue growth through our process and frameworks, plus manage your social media channels

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Our content management service for busy Founders and Owners looking to leverage LinkedIn to create new sales opportunities and business growth.


Content Marketing Workshops

We train your team how to build the content infrastructure that ties everything together to elevate Brand, generate Demand and  drive Revenue

Our Process

1. Business Assessment

We do a business assessment to identify your brand's strengths. Analyzing your product, revenue channels, customers and competitors, to know where opportunities to tap into to build your authority.

2. Build your content infrastructure

We implement and execute our frameworks to create a repeatable process from content ideation to distribution across all channels, testing to see what is most effective to position your brand as the experts.

3. Scale your content engine

Finally, layering on top of the foundation built to create a fully integrated content operation that serves all revenue functions and business goals short-term, while preparing for long-term future growth.

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