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Build and scale your Content Marketing
without the hassle of doing it yourself

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As a Startup Founder, CEO or SMB Marketing leader you're often challenged with implementing content marketing strategies that deliver on your goals.


The problem? You lack the time and team with the skills to build the infrastructure needed to make it work to meet your targets.


We remove this frustration by being the interim content team that does it for you at a fraction of the cost of full-time hires. Bringing strategy, structure and support to what you do, with the resources you have to do it.

Leveraging content to elevate your brand while creating revenue opportunities throughout your sales funnel that drives growth.

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"We decided to engage ICAD Marketing because we were looking for someone who understood business and strategy, and had delivered results before using content marketing.
What stood out to us was how detailed they were in their approach. They took the time to understand our business and the clients we wanted to go after, partnering with us to build our content operation as a team that cared about our business and its success."

Tanvir Bhangoo — CEO, TBX Digital

Over the years executing content marketing for companies we've realized one of the biggest barriers to success isn't knowing what type of content to create, what keywords to rank for, where to distribute or which tech stack to implement.

Often one of the biggest barriers is content marketing is done randomly, built in silos with no strategy or structure. There lacks a holistic approach that integrates content strategically across all marketing programs, and wider revenue functions such as Sales, Product and Customer Success. All working together towards specific business outcomes, while delivering customer value.

​​The Cause?

Content marketing programs are often built in isolation without customer data or involving other functions that touch the customer at different points through their journey.

The Effect?

Content is fragmented across channels and fails to deliver on expectations, which causes leadership to question the investment value of content marketing. When this happens it's typically the first program to be cut.

Old way of doing content marketing executes in isolation focused only on blog posts and SEO

​The Solution?

Identifying the gaps hindering your success with content marketing, then building the content infrastructure using a holistic approach, which aligns all revenue functions to business goals and engages buyers throughout their entire journey and customer life cycle.

The Result?

Content that elevates your brand and consistently keeps it top-of-mind, creates a great buyer experience throughout their journey reducing sales cycles, and alignment across revenue teams that creates and converts demand to revenue, proving marketing's value to leadership.

This is what we call Holistic Content Marketing, and it's what we do.

New way of doing content marketing focuses on a holistic approach that ties it all together

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The Best Fit to Work With

We work best with Startup CEOs and SMB Marketing leaders who struggle to plan, build, execute and scale their content marketing programs that get results due to lacking the people and resources to manage the process in-house.

Startup CEOs

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  • You've grown through direct sales, but growth has slowed and declining due to limited sales opportunities

  • You know you have a great product/service but struggle to generate quality leads who see the value in your offer

  • You've identified your ideal customers but struggle to stand out in a saturated market for what you offer

  • You have a small team creating content but struggle how it delivers on revenue targets and new business

Marketing Leaders

  • You  have difficulty getting quality leads from your content and digital campaigns that fit your target audience

  • You lead a team of marketers but it's a challenge applying a cohesive content strategy to achieve your goals

  • You're challenged with getting buy-in and alignment for content from other revenue functions, specifically Sales

  • You put out content on your blog and newsletter but struggle to combine and scale other content assets

If any of these are familiar we should talk

Our Process

1. Analyze your content operation

We analyze your entire business operation and current content operation to identify where you are today and the gaps that have or may potentially prevent the success of your content marketing programs.

2. Build your content infrastructure

We implement the systems and frameworks plus execute to create a repeatable process for content ideation, creation, distribution and measurement across all channels, testing to see what is most effective to deliver on objectives and KPI's.

3. Scale your content engine

Finally, layering on top of the foundation built to create a fully integrated content operation that serves all revenue functions and business goals short-term, while preparing for long-term future growth. This way your content engine scales and supports your business as it grows.

See what's possible. Learn about our services and pricing--->Here

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