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Delivering a 75% Conversion Rate, 292% Return On Ad Spend and 10X Increase in Marketing Budget

The Client

Wuxly is a winter apparel luxury brand based out of Canada that designs and sells jackets to its customer across North America.

The Situation

We were first introduced to the Wuxly brand through the work we had been doing for our then client TBX Digital, as Wuxly had signed on to be a client of TBX during our time working with them. They needed someone to help optimize their social media ads to drive more sales for their products.

Upon deep assessment, customer research and competitor analysis we came to the conclusion that though Wuxly had done a great job driving sales through social ads, they were lacking a recognizable brand presence in the market.

The Recommendation

Put together a full funnel content marketing strategy to build the Wuxly brand on an ongoing basis, while testing new messaging with a new set of social media ads to drive sales.

The Execution

Step 1: Developing a PR strategy we got an article in Forbes focused on telling the story of the Wuxly brand. We worked with the videographer to repurpose a few old videos that told their story in a new creative and compelling way and distributed them through organic and paid social media.

The aim was to use PR and storytelling as a brand activation tactic so that by the time we ran lead generation ads people would already be familiar with the brand.

Step 2: Using insights gained from our customer interviews we worked with their internal web design to build a landing page focused on communicating Wuxly's value, with a call to action to book a virtual appointment with a sales rep.

Below is the landing page draft we shared with the designer.

Step 3: We worked with the videographer to create new videos that spoke to each of the key value prop we had uncovered during customer interviews and used it to run Facebook and Instagram ads to our target audience. The goal being to drive traffic directly to the landing (not the home page).

Step 4: Finally, we used a product highlight video as a retargeting tool for those who visited the landing page but may not have booked an appointment.

The Outcome

The campaign generated 12 qualified leads, nine of which converted to customers (these are high-end items so the returns were worth the spend).

Wuxly also saw a return on ad spend of 292%, the highest they had seen for the last four Quarters. This was mostly due to the brand activation we did prior to launching the campaign, evidenced by the significant increase in direct and branded search term traffic as reported in Google Analytics.

As a result of our focus on building brand by focusing on what customer valued about the Wuxly they also saw a reduction in cost-per-lead as they began to establish brand recognition among target buyers.

Finally, we were able to help the team get an increase in marketing budget of 10X as we could show leadership the positive returns from the campaign.

Want to know how we can deliver results like this for you? Book a call with us and let's chat.


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